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As many skin conditions and disorders are characterised by a dry and scaly appearance, often associated with redness and itching, consumers are always looking for safe and efficient dermato-cosmetic products. Moisturizing formulations should not only be beneficial for skin hydration and its protective barrier, but must also only contain safe ingredients.



  • Non-Animal Methodologies for Toxicity Testing of Chemical Compounds (TOXIN). Project led by Tamara Vanhaecke
  • Development and testing of a repeated dose toxicity ontology model for chemical risk assessment purposes: liver effects as a case study. Project led by Mathieu Vinken
  • “Next Generation Risk Assessment” (NGRA) to assess the genotoxicity of chemical compounds without the use of experimental animals. Project led by Tamara Vanhaecke, Vera Rogiers and Birgit Mertens

  • Product formulation and evaluation of excipient compositions of various minoxidil preparations. Project led by Kristien de Paepe


Consultancy services on the safety and efficacy of dermato-cosmetics are based on the extensive experience of Vera Rogiers, Tamara Vanhaecke and Kristien De Paepe.

Non-invasive biophysical skin measurements are essential for claim support and efficacy testing of cosmetic products. They allow objective and quantitative evaluation of skin treatments directly on patients and/or human volunteers. Upon discussion, a full range of biophysical skin measurements are available on a fee-for-service or collaborative basis. Please see below the overview of proposed services:

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Twice a year IVTD hosts the renowned one-week postgraduate courses dealing with the efficacy and safety of dermato-cosmetic products for cosmetic industry specialists, co-ordinated by Vera Rogiers.