With more than 20 years of experience in the field of in vitro modelling, the In Vitro Toxicology part of the IVTD research group develops metabolically-competent in vitro liver models for pharmaco-toxicological purposes.

Such models are of key importance in safety studies of new products, conducted by the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industry. At the same time, fully functional in vitro hepatic systems form the basis of bioartificial liver devices and can be further developed into liver cell therapy options for patients suffering from acute, end-stage and genetic liver diseases.

Moreover, the In Vitro Toxicology team also explores mechanisms regulating the function of liver cells in health and disease. Identification of new biomarkers and drug targets for the treatment of acute and chronic liver conditions are here major themes. 

The strength of the group is the strong interaction of basic scientists from IVTD and SKIN, together with clinical scientists at the Department of Dermatology/UZ Brussel. A close interaction is also given with the Helmholtz Center Munich and the Technische Universität München.