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Primary hepatocyte isolation services and training

The in vitro evaluation of drug metabolism and drug-mediated responses in vitro is an essential stage in the development of new pharmaceuticals. Liver is the most important site of drug metabolism in the body and one of the most common targets of drug-induced toxicity. Consequently, although they suffer from certain limitations, fresh primary hepatocytes, either in monolayer culture or in a suspension, are still the most commonly used hepatic in vitro model for pharmaceutical research.

Our research group has more than 30 years of experience in the isolation of primary hepatocytes from different species, specifically rat. We are also able to isolate subcellular fractions such as microsomes and transporter membranes.

We can isolate hepatocytes for your studies, or we can provide you training on how to isolate hepatocytes in-house. Both options are possible on the fee-for-service or collaborative basis.

Primary hepatocytes

Fig. 1: Primary hepatocytes cultures

Interested parties can contact:

Mrs. Manon Vivier [T]: +32 (0)2 477 45 19