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Focus is put on the testing of pannexins, connexins and their cellular channels as targets and biomarkers in liver disease, in particular acute liver failure, cholestasis, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, liver fibrosis and liver cancer. This is used as the basis for the development and further optimization of novel drugs and diagnostic strategies for the treatment and diagnosis of liver disease. For more information:


Collaboration opportunities

We are continuously seeking for research partners that could complement our connexin- and pannexin-related studies with relevant expertise. Since connexins, pannexins and their channels represent generic drug targets and biomarkers, these features can be extrapolated to other diseases, whether or not in liver. Such pathology-specific knowledge could be embedded in joint projects together with our experience in the area of connexin and pannexin research. At the same time, we also could benefit from technical input, in particular with respect to the assays and inhibitors to study the different connexin- and pannexin-based channel types. To substantiate the translational value of our work, we would strive to expand testing on liver tissue originating from human clinical patients suffering from liver disease by addressing tissue biobanks. Furthermore, we are looking for industrial partners to elaborate the valorisation potential of connexin- and pannexin-based channels as disease biomarkers of drug targets.


Current projects

led by Mathieu Vinken

For more information: