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IVTD has accumulated over 30 years of internationally recognized experience and expertise in the field of 3R alternative methods (Refinement, Reduction, Replacement), with a particular emphasis on Replacement, namely replacement of animal-based research techniques.


Within Belgium, IVTD holds a pioneering role in this scientific area. We have an extensive knowledge portfolio on the creation of in vitro liver models. While initial research primarily focused on animal liver cells, we have evolved to the implementation of human-derived stem cells that can be converted into functional, sensitive and responsive liver cells. These technologies spearhead the animal-free methods of the future that find their application in in vitro toxicity studies of drugs, chemicals and represent human-relevant liver disease models.


Technical expertise within the IVTD-team includes:

·Human liver-based in vitro models

·Adult human skin-derived progenitor cells and their hepatic derivatives

·DILI screening, including steatosis, phospholipidosis and acute liver failure

·Flow cytometry-based high throughput screening of various hepatic cell models, for live/dead cell analysis, lipid and phospholipid accumulation

·Microscopy-based high content analysis for lipid and mitochondrial deregulation analysis

·Genotoxicant-specific qPCR array

·Transcriptomics and metabolomics readouts and analysis