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About us

The In Vitro Toxicology and Dermato-Cosmetology (IVTD) lab


Research at IVTD focuses on the development of mechanism-based and human-relevant liver cell models for the toxicity testing of drugs and other chemical compounds, as well as for in vitro liver disease modelling purposes. These projects aim to improve human health and safety through the identification of new drug targets and liver disease biomarkers, and to facilitate greater accuracy in liver toxicity prediction.  


IVTD's research brings an innovative approach to the toxicology of liver injury and disease. Encompassing fundamental research to industry-ready in vitro models; reasearch at IVTD seeks to identify and uncover mechanisms of chronic and acute liver injury caused either by drugs, chemicals, or by disease. Moreover, our technology suppports the development of innovative, human-relevant therapeutic strategies.



The group is headed by Prof. Dr Tamara Vanhaecke:

Tamara Vanhaecke